According to the FDA web site, H-backs are now required to have a prescription for fHSP, or hormonal banthoprost. The new graduation requirements are part of the “Guidance on Estrogen and Progesterone Supplementation for Women” released by the FDA. Basically, the FDA is trying to say that all women who want to take or plan to take an H-back must get a prescription for fHSP. The FDA warns that women who plan to take any of the two hormones may experience or be in danger of adverse reactions if they do not have a prescription for fHSP.

Some physicians and consumer advocacy groups think this may be too much of a burden to put on women. It is true that there are more women who are at higher risk for the adverse effects of taking fHSP now, because the older generation is taking them, but this does not mean that all women who may not have a prescription for it should not be concerned. It is important to be aware of all risks when beginning any medication, even over-the-counter medications.

There have been studies conducted that show that there can be long term effects of H-backs and fHSP. Many of these effects are unknown, and the long-term effects remain unknown, but there are other risks that we do know. One of the possible side effects of H-backs and fHSP is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is when the bones become weak, so it becomes more difficult for the bones to stay in place when going through puberty. Other studies have shown an increase in cancer rates as well.

The other possible hormonal side effect is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is very common in women already on H-backs or fHSP, and it becomes worse when taking the hormone. High blood pressure can cause stroke and heart attack. There is also some evidence of an increased risk in developing diabetes.

There are a few things that a woman should keep in mind when they begin taking H-backs or fHSP. First, it is extremely important that a woman who takes either of these hormones therapy, that they start watching what they eat. When a woman begins menopause, there is a drastic change in their bodies, which includes their hormone levels. Some women experience a mild increase, while others experience a major change. So, it is extremely important that the woman who begins taking hormone therapy, begins to monitor what they eat.

Some foods have been found to have an estrogen like effect on the body. This food is known as phytoestrogens and has been shown to have a positive affect on the body. Some of the effects of estrogen in the body are that it helps to control blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. As well, it


breast cancer risk and decreases the risk of heart disease. It is thought that taking the supplement of any form, may help to control diabetes and other cardiovascular problems. Many women find that when they begin their menopause with H-backs or fHSP, they feel better for longer, and are able to better cope with their menopause.

The most common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, moodiness, depression, sleep disorders, vaginal dryness, and vaginal odor. If any of these symptoms persist after taking the hormone, it is best to speak with a medical professional. The reason behind this is because some women start to notice some adverse affects to their bodies, such as higher blood pressure, and heart problems. Women who use H-backs or fHSP should also consider getting their blood pressure taken. This is because if the pressure is too high it can be very dangerous and cause a heart attack.

There are no known negative side effects from taking the hormones, but there are certain precautions that women who wish to take H-backs or fHSP should take. Women who smoke, or have an active menopause should avoid taking these hormones.Also, women who are breastfeeding or plan to become pregnant should speak HB-5 reviews to a doctor before taking the hormone. Although there have been no concrete links to any negative side effects, speaking with a doctor is always the best way to ensure a positive outcome

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