I did not have to rent a truck or pay a moving company, I just turned on the siren and it was picked up from my home the next day. It was just the two of us. The movers got my items moved pretty fast and I was able to start enjoying my new house almost immediately. All my old stuff went into storage and my new stuff was ready to go when I got back home. I think this is what people like about storage units – they do not require any extra moves or wastes of time.”

“I loved the way my stuff was packed into the storage units. Everything was organized and well taken care of. The staff was very helpful and very knowledgeable. They even offered to help with loading and unloading the self storage units when I needed it.”

“I am very pleased with how my belongings were packed and arranged. The movers put me and my belongings in my own moving truck right after we packed up our home. Everything was well taken care of. My truck was loaded and my stuff was unloaded very fast.This saved me a lot of time and allowed me to Portland be home sooner than expected.”

“We purchased a storage unit as a temporary arrangement during our move. We were not sure whether to use this storage or not so we decided to rent one. Our landlord had no problem with us renting a unit since he was also renting his. It worked out fine.He was very helpful and gave me self storage units portland maine several tips on how to maximize the space.”

“I was impressed by how well everything was organized in the unit. There was no dirt or grass everywhere and everything was well taken care of.The United States of America movers recommended that only non-slip mats are used. This has worked out well for me.”

“We live in a Victorian home, so we chose a Victorian style and brown wood. The floors are painted and the walls have hand painted flowers on them. There is a queen size bed in the bedroom and a full dresser.

“The movers were very good at loading, unloading and picking up. They made my truck feel comfortable right from the start. We did have to make several trips to the storage to retrieve some things but overall, I would say that the moving company did a great job.” – Karen

Contact Portland Maine Moving Companies to schedule your Maine next move. They are ready to help you with your next


. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you. Enjoy your new home!

“My husband and I have lived in our current home for eleven years and we absolutely love it! It’s a beautiful home with two bathrooms, a big kitchen and a beautiful patio. Our moving experience went smoothly and the people we hired were professional, courteous, and know what they’re doing. We had a great time moving.” – Sandra

“I would definitely recommend contacting Portland Maine moving companies. They were easy to work with and the prices are fair. We didn’t have to spend any time looking for a company to help us with our move because the people we contacted were very friendly and helpful. The moving companies are very cordial and did not try to rush through our work.”

“I would definitely recommend Portland Maine moving companies. They helped us with our move easily, professionally, and within a reasonable time frame. The trucks were very clean and the workers were very courteous and patient with the many possessions we had to transport. They left the new location of our new home in tip top shape, just as we left it.

“I would definitely recommend using Portland Maine moving companies. They did an excellent job moving our belongings. We got a truck, a forklift, tape, boxes, furniture, and other material goods. The transportation was prompt, the trucks were well maintained, and the movers showed us that they cared about the move very much.” – Karen

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I Moved Last Week And I Must Say That My Experience Was Pleasant And Not At All Stressful

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