Executive Board

President Bill F. Ingram

Billy F. Ingram President Bill is our current President.He has held the position the last four years. Prior to his election as President, Bill served as General Membership Representative under four different Presidents.His employment with the Dallas Fire Department spans twenty-two (22) years. Bill’s list of achievements include the Medal of Valor from the BFFA, the Dallas Fire Department’s Distinguished Service Award, and the Outstanding Public Safety Officer Award from the Texas House of Representatives. Bill is a family man with wife, Cynthia, and two children – Morgan (age 14) and Billy (age 9).


First Vice President – Shawn Gary

First Vice President – Shawn Gary has 10 years service with the Dallas Fire Dept as a firefighter and paramedic. He currently serves as 1st Vice President of BFFA.

Financial Secretary – William Hurd

Financial Secretary – William Hurd has 17 years service with the Dallas Fire Dept as a firefighter and paramedic. He currently serves as Financial Secretary of BFFA.

 Treasurer – James Hill

James Hill – Dallas BFFA Treasurer. James Hill currently holds the position of Treasurer, which he has held the last six years. James also serves as the South Central Regional Director as well as the Financial Secretary for the IABPFF. James has been employed by the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department 29 + years. His current rank is Command Technician. He has been a paramedic as well as the firefighter. He is also a member of the Honor Guard. James is married to Cynthia with a daughter, Kristie and four grand brats.

Parliamentarian – James E. Hunter

James E. Hunter Parliamentarian James E. Hunter, Sr. is currently the Parliamentarian for Dallas BFFA. He has previously held the positions of 1st and 2nd Vice President, Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary. He has also headed the Grievance Committee for the past 15 + years. James holds the rank of Lieutenant and is an Advanced Instructor at the Training Academy. He has been a paramedic, Driver Engineer, and Command Tech during his 26 years on the Department. His list of accomplishments includes the BFFA and Dallas Fire Department Distinguished Service Awards, Special Recognition Award from the South Central Region of the IABPFF. James is also an Elder/Pastor in the Whispering Hills Church of Christ congregation. He has been married 27 years to his wife Patricia (Pat), and boasts 3 children (Christopher, James, Jr. and Kristy) and 2 grandchildren.

Press Secretary – Lingburge Williams

Press Secretary Lingburge is currently the Communications Training Officer. He has been with the Dallas Fire Dept since October 1981. His service to the BFFA includes his present position as Press Secretary. He has also served in the capacity of Vice President and later President. Lingburge would like to encourage more involvement from our members, particularly the younger members. “It is through your participation that we will continue to grow as an organization and serve the needs of our community as well.”