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The History & Purpose of the Dallas Black Firefighters Association The International Association of Black Professional Firefighters was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1970. Founder, David Floyd and six other black firefighters saw a need to come together to fight discrimination within their Fire Department and other Fire Departments across the country. The Dallas Black Fire Fighters Association, a 501(3)c organization, is one of 155 chapters of The International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters. Originally, recognized as the 182nd Social Club, the Dallas chapter had only nine members. The first president elect in 1972, Henry Majors, led the efforts of the small group to unify the black firefighters in Dallas. 

      In 1983, the chapter was renamed the Dallas Black Fire Fighters Association. The Dallas chapter, now 327 members strong, has maintained an unwavering commitment to serving their members and community. The role of community service extends past fire fighting to participating in Quest for success, escorting Girl Scouts to their annual Father & Daughter Ball, donation of toys to orphan children at Christmas and various mentoring programs (such as the Vince Davis Summer Camp). Membership affiliation includes: Life member of the NAACP, Federal Emergency Management, Blue Ribbon Panel, Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce and IABPFF South Central Region. 

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      The Executive Board includes: President – Billy Ingram; 1st Vice President – Shawn Gary; 2nd Vice President – Shbrone Mims; Recording Secretary – -Marcus Moorehead; Corresponding Secretary – Jacqueline Smith; Financial Secretary – William Hurd; Treasurer – James Hill; Parliamentarian – James Hunter; Sgt. At Arms – Angie Wilson; Press Secretary – Lingburge Williams; and Chaplain – Rev. Matthew Berry.